I'm going in for surgery in a week, so I wanted to put this out there. It's a tale of the seeker and his journey to find the lost child within the gates of the drowned city. It's a story of love and light trying to vanquish the forces of darkness and decay. There are a couple of half assed surf scenes in it, so please bear with me.

Chapter 1.

Battered and Banished

Storm tossed by the angry sea, adrift, lost, alone. and scared.
Illuminated from above by hellish bolts of cobalt,
Sizzling and hissing and then, BOOM,
The ozone envelopes him and the hairs on his arms stand up,
As soldiers at attention before battle at the break of dawn.

Battered by waves in the angry sea,
Tossed about on a tiny craft,
Land a distant notion,
A far flung dream.

Draamanu clinging to the gunnels,
Draamanu retching bile and foam back at the cursed ocean.
Draamanu praying to the ancient gods of wind and water.