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    Ocean Pines, MD
    Assateauge Island, state and federal seashore on eastern shore of Maryland/Virginia, so they don't dredge it for beach replenishment like so many of the developed areas in the region.

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    Dude- that really stinks.., I understand the frustrations...
    Next time just tell him that there is a better beach 'just' north of here, it's called Belmar- all the Muslims play their rap music right out of the trunk of their Toyotas.... And you can bring your canoes cause everyone here has one....

    Plus the waves are 23ft...


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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty View Post
    True this^^ the best thing about Ai is the fact that most people who go there aren't willing to be more than 30 feet from their truck.
    Yep. Becomes an issue when there's 145 rigs on the beach, packed in there: fat white undulator jowls to jacked up lil man rigs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfin paulie View Post

    Surf as early as possible.

    Yeah, summer can get interesting here on my island too.

    SURF EARLY! Go home before they wake up.
    Yep, of course.

    These cretinous yahoos don't even surf, though, they just take up space & undulate on the beach. Ruining second sessions & days at the ocean. That's my point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    I thought this whole time we were talking about Allen Iverson.
    That is awesome. Someone else thinking the same as me. I've known for a while what AI stands for on here and have researched it but it still makes me think of the former bowling alley brawling Sixer guard when I read it.