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    There's holes for the screws. There is also tab filler insert kit that fcs sells for about 10 (or so) bux. The front base of the new fins is longer, so the old fins have about a 1/2 inch gap in the box. Its not a big deal, more for appearance really. STRANDED- I would maybe give it a little time before fcs fills their catalog with all the same styles and options as their old fin systems
    cool thanks for the heads up...just ordered a kit from Amazon. Like I said I lack patience... that and I'm moving back to the western Pacific in 2 months where everything is expensive or hard to come by. Yeah look like those 'accelerators' are along the right path...


    I love this style of fin in small waves but it doesn't seem like the style is all that popular. I rode the Rusty's for a few until they changed the template, then switched to the redlines for a few until they quit making them, and now ride the stretch's which they have quit making as well.
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    The jax surf shops should have the insert kits with screws. Be careful when threading them in the first time, stripped grub holes are not fun.