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    In need of a little advice

    Been doing some research lately, looking for a good log shape that I can get a lot of use out of. Couldn't think of a better place to ask around than the good ol SI fam.

    I have an idea of what I want - I am not a noserider like some of you, but I would love to learn the art. (NOT learn to surf ... just to be clear)

    Im 6'0" ~185lbs.

    Ideas to lean toward or stray away from? I really like the look and design of the Bing Elevator, the few people I have spoken to that own one (or a shape similar to it) swear it's the best longboard they've ever ridden.

    fire away

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    Not sure about the Bing Elevator, but Bing Surfboards are second to none. If I ever had to go out and buy a longboard it would probably be a Bing.

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    9'6 x 18 3/4 x 23 x 15 X 3 1/8

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    Jon Ashton does custom board building, give him a call.
    He does everything from shortboards, to longboards, to even SUPs.

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    I'd say try to get someone to let you test-ride the Bing board you want to buy. You'll know right away: magic board or slug board.
    Or, purchase 2 or 3 diff boards for cheap-cheap on CL to try out before you chunk out cash for new. Whatever you do, don't buy a gnome plank.
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    You should really go talk to a shaper and have him knock one out for ya. With certain boards its just best to tell the guy what you want from it and what you think you want.

    Dont make it a high performance lb if you want to longboard.

    I believe that Bing you're lookin at would be a "pig" style lb. As the tail is wider than the front. Better for stylish turns, a little more squirrelly when you get to noseriding it. Its more of an old school kind of shape, classic i guess would be the word.

    A proper longboard should be built to last a while, thick glass, dense foam, single fin. (Leash plug optional)

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    My first and only LB, which I love, is a challenger I believe. It's 9'0, 2+1 but I ride it as a single. I don't know if it would be considered a HPLB, seems like a simple shape to me. Pulled in a little in the tail, square tail.

    Like you I'm not much of a nose rider but I do enjoy getting some nose time here and there. I'm only 145 lbs though. I honestly think almost any LB would be fine for you. Go with a basic shape at a good size for you. Used if your looking to save money. Then once you spend more time on a LB and you get a better idea of what you want out of it, go custom. But until then if your just looking for a LB to cruise and do some stylish turns on, just about anything will do

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    +1 for Jon Ashton.

    My first personal board was a 9'4" HPLB shaped by Tim Nolte (OBX) -- I found it via craigslist. I liked it so much that when I moved on I had him make me a new one, in 9' length. I does everything. Catches ripples, but also handles head high east coast surf. it is a 2+1 but I ride it as a single also.

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    try a 7/2 firewire advance.
    i think this decade the longboard is going to be re-buried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baddy trailerpark View Post
    try a 7/2 firewire advance.
    i think this decade the longboard is going to be re-buried.
    what? as long a there are small gutless waves, there will be longboards.