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    Punching Latex Dummys in Barns

    The best of SJB,PJB........

    this one is from our favorite site.

    Prince William wrote:
    Now I still think the dudes on here have some problems. Everybody dislikes me on here, but I bet you no one could manage a proper response as to why. But that's ok. Even though I was Swellinfo's 2013 Memeber of the Year, I have been sauced a plenty. There's actually people on there that I am hunting down for a bit of the old knocker-a-roo. Maybe even some more typical forms of American violence. I am in a gang in the States.

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    Where are you SJB? Did you finally take that dream surf trip to South Carolina? Did you move to Texas? Are you hunting Bigfoots in the Pacific Northwest? Where art thou?