Might be a slightly cheesy post... but was talking to some friends about music they listen to pre-session (on the way) before jumping in the water.

Thought it might be cool to get a master Playlist going from folks on Swellinfo.com. There is a great balance of ages, disciplines (surfing/bodyboarding) so I bet the list is pretty sick and pretty diverse collectively.

I am always looking for cool music or good playlists.. thinking others are similar. Drop a line here with your number 1 seed you and we can compile a living playlist.

[Micah I tried to include code for a media player via playlist.com to play the list as we compile and the message board won't process it]

AC / DC - Hell's Bells
*I'm a bit old school. Love the beginning of this song with the bells, and the build of the song. Love staring at the waves listening to this before I jump in.


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