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    Hypto Krypto size

    Anybody surfing a Hypto Krypto? Wondering about what size you have in relation to your weight. I'm 150lbs and went a little big with a 5'8". Although their website says for my weight a 5'6" is good. I thought a little extra foam may be good for most conditions I surf.

  2. I have heard multiple people trying to unload their hyptos because they are too big. Never heard anyone complain about one being small. These things have a ton of foam.

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    i surf a 5'4 and the board is sick, really fast and fun. i am 5'10 and 130. awesome board

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    Quote Originally Posted by nan16 View Post
    i am 5'10 and 130. awesome board
    You need to hit the weight room...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exit98Surf View Post
    You need to hit the weight room...
    +1, I'd fall through my pelvis and hang myself if I weighed 130, and i'm 5'9"!
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    the 5'6 should be perfect. my buddy is about your size and he rides those dimensions. you might be getting a little crazy with the 5'4

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    I'm 5'8", 165 and ride a 5'6".. more than enough foam.

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    I wanted one. Had my buddy shape me an exact copy of the 5-10. Im 5-9 3\4's, im 170 but was 185 when I ordered it last July. It catches everything and is really fun. But I wish I had a 5-8.

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    I'm 6'1 and 180 and the 5'8 31L is good for me i was nervous about going that short but it works great from thigh high to overhead waves

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    cool. thanks for the info everybody.