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Thread: Shred Update

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    You heard me.

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    Oh how glorious it would have been to see Mr. Pohan atop that toll booth.

    Seldom I would be down to throw up some 'Free Shred' signs with ya (if I was back home). Great excuse to get wasted and burn a day, but I don't think that Mr. Pohan would appreciate it, haha. Maybe if we caught him on his way out with bail.... my heart says that it would be great to buy Shred-incarnate a beer. But my mind says, A) that is a bit creepy, and more importantly B) Corey Pohan might be a d*ckhead.

    For the record, as fun as this is to follow, Pohan ain't Shred. Extending the legend of the Shred is good fun, but I just don't know how it would be realistically possible for Mr. Pohan to be him.

    This whole thing got started by Gaff killing some time since he can't surf. And we're still gobbling it up. But for some reason Paulie gets sh*t on for continuing to spin the yarn?

    But he's also SJB? If anything, the logical conclusion would be that he is ZaGaffer.

    Personally I believe that spending untold days of our lives on a forum mired in the social dynamics of cyberspace leads to shame and or guilt, on some subconscious or conscious level, thus preventing people from making multiple accounts. But hey, keep the conspiracy theories going.

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    Slashdog you are a champion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATANTICOO View Post ya don't.

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    you're fawning over this guy. it's sad.

    don't be afraid guys. say it loud and say it proud. your parents won't hate you if you come out of the closet.

    as for me? i'm gonna look up his tight little package mamacita and console her, in a creepy way.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nynj View Post
    Now what are you going to do with your life?
    Are you going to catch a bus up to Jersey? You can meet him at his moms house and finally see him in person. You can tell him everything you know about him. Maybe he'll let you smell his hair and touch his sweet six pack.
    He was originally jailed in NJ. The report above says NYC on the ID. Meaning that he finally got transferred to NYC and posted bail immediately. The NJ judge told him that she would not grant him bail or bond until he resolved his issues with NYC, which apparently happened yesterday.

    I assume this all happened because this was a somewhat viral youtube video and has already gotten national media attention. Pretty sure any PD or processor showed the judge the video and they probably know that this is a self defense case and nothing will come of it. New Jersey will throw the book at him for escaping police custody... That is a BIIIIIIG no no. Knocking out so big gay freak for rolling up on you in Manhattan is just another day in the city. Anyonw watching that video can see that home boy thought, man, it's 2014, I can do what I want and say what I want.... But dont EVER, and I mean EVER get within the Shred's comfort zone unless he invites you. Anything within three feet and you are going to get POwned. We all know that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlokein View Post
    That got an actual outburst of laughter and a quiz from the wife. I told her this forum is like a surfing Jerry Springer on acid sometimes. Got the eye roll after that, a shake of the head, and a "whatever" comment.

    There's really no way to explain it to her...
    out of all the times I tried to say that at the mcdonalds drive thru I could never get it out without laughin my as$ off.

    but on another note shred deserves a movie,documentary,and a written biography of his tales at sea.i heard he doesn't duck dive,he whale dives,and when it comes to barrels he calls it shooting the womb

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    There's almost no way Shred puts up 4 bones on the bench. I'll explain later. I'm an avid supporter of him as you all know but accuracy must be portrayed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    paulie = gruvi ???

    Bros, how poorly did some of you do on the analogy portion of your SATs? Your inability for pattern recognition is astounding.
    What's a SATs? I thought we where talking about getting barreled...

    Btw- want to see shred do 4bones- take a trip to Belmar, he is there every night that starts with a 'T' - doing bench offs with the guys. Tuesday night, Thursday night, Tomorrow night and Tonight (sometimes I can spell, spicoli lol)
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    Update: I've figured out where the family fortune comes from. See below. No news on CP though.


    Not sure what you're supposed to do with it so I drank half the bottle and will be applying the rest to my board tonight.

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