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    Nope... I will say that its almost visible in that pic, but its not right next to it. Not really even close to it.

    That pic you posted is a total anomaly. I've lived right near where that pic was taken for basically my whole life, and never seen it look anything close to that (that pic was taken just before the bridge tunnel, by where Alexanders on the Bay used to be). But like I said earlier, if that wave was breaking like that in that pic, the wave I'm talking about was probably 2 or 3 times the size and firing.
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    We'll be looking for pics the next time a storm parks itself due east of vb.

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    Yeah Magoo, I've surfed the eastern shore twice, once actually scored it pretty good. In all honesty, a jet ski seemed to be what was needed there. A lot of places there got super shallow, and navigating back there on a boat would be a nightmare. With the ski, you could just toot around, and beach the ski when your surfing.

    It just seems so fickle there. But I will say, I did score the south end of Cobb Island going pretty mental one time, looking like a mini (much) shorter version on skeleton bay.

    That wave from my pic isn't on the eastern shore though, and doesn't require any kind of boat. Its in VB proper, and just sitting under everyones nose.
    Maybe that could be our saying, "Come to Virginia Beach where the ocean waves suck, but our bay waves are world class (once every 5 years or so for about an hour if you happen to be there when the wind switches offshore after a Cat 3 Hurricane passes by 50 miles off the coast)."

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    I'm camping out on Tampa Bay, not leaving till it breaks

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    Thanks Slash...

    The closet to a bay I surfed was around a point a little south of my usual spot.

    There was a nor'easter and the ocean was a mess but around the point it was offshore and beautiful little waves.