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But there is another side to that equation. Most guys get good surfing on the EC if they work hard at it, but inevitably, they move to different locations. Because, yeah, if you want to learn the fundamentals of surfing, the EC is a great place to do so... But you are never going to experience waves around here like that. You won't know what a 300 yard point break feels like, throwing 18 turns on the same wave and really be able to lay out insane runs all on the same wave. You can get good here, but you won't get GREAT unless you travel some. That goes for anyone, from anywhere. Its like the Brazilians. They are great at punchy beach break airs, but it took them a few years to get the style dialed in on those big points.

But it's whatever. There is a reason Kelly left Florida as a teenager to CA, then onto HI. The hobgoods didn't get famous in Florida either. They got good there, they got GREAT around the world.

The best surfer, in this generation that I know of from back home in Maryland, showed up in a line up next to me in SoCal about 7 years ago. I was like, hey, aren't you ***** *? He said, yeah. I said what are you doing out here. He said, I moved here. He has since moved back, but there comes a time regardless of if you are from CA or Jersey, you gotta get out and see different waves if you want to get GREAT.... And surfing heavy east coast surf, even for the pros is a humbling experience when its on. Surfing here can be just as difficult as anywhere in the world when things get heavy. You don't get out through channels with dry hair when its TOH here. You gotta work for it. And bleed for it.
exactly what this guy said.

also to add,where I mostly surf,it doesn't turn on unless its atleast 3 ft,anything under and its flat,not even a ripple,and when it is on its a sandsucking thick hollow barrel that will snap a board with every wave.so yea id say its harder to surf here rather than a place like cali with a million mushy little waves.but yea u aint gonna get good unless u travel.the ec is good starting grounds,but u need to get ur feet wet in different hemispheres like indo.if u surf a beachbreak all ur life then go to a long razor sharp reef like uluwatu,ur not going to do so well