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    koki, would you like to handle this one....?

    To the OP... Take surfJDog's advice, if I was going to be in the water Sat. I would help you out, but unfortunately work has taken over my entire existance...not necessarily a bad thing...i can take off on the days that are worth it, but it's def cutting into my water time.

    I guess I'll be out $25 this weekend, my spot'll be all empty.

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    As many places as possible
    AI only breaks on 12sec + SE ground swell. Otherwise it's horseflies and flatness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjtst11 View Post
    AI only breaks on 12sec + SE ground swell. Otherwise it's horseflies and flatness.
    Taint tat da Tr00f

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    I think you would make a great surf instructor Yankee. You could start a school, maybe for disadvantaged youth. buy a van. I hear E-250's are reliable, white's a good color.

    LOL, Yankee would be a great surf instructor...he's like the Don Redondo of SI. "You wanna know 'bout surfing, you surf. You don't surf, you don't know nothin' 'bout surfing."

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarter View Post
    Yankee's Surf School, our moto is get up ya pu$$y!
    Carter not bad. My surf school would have several mottoes emblazoned on touristy tees:

    'If you're not concussed it wasn't big.'

    'Sex wax gives you wood.' (appropriated that one from World B.....and I'll never again turn my back on anyone whilst waxing up my board)

    'Miss another set wave & you get this Corona bottle jammed up into your bunghole.' (incentivizing students)

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    Thanks for all of the tips...

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    If I ran a surf skoo, I tell them all horror stories and advise them to never step foot in the ocean. I'd give them 50% discount to pass along my knowledge.