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    Clemmy, PLEASE expand on both your situation as well as your brother's. There are so many possibilities with the remaining deets of each story and you leave us all wondering. Your Jerz girl flew to ATL every time she wanted the D? Where were you commuting from at that point? When you say you met up for work and fun did the work always come before the fun? See what I mean bro? So many questions. And we haven't even got to this boss's hypersexual hot daughter yet...

    metard, tell him. He needs to tell us more about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    Not so. My brother and I both have a little bit of experience with NJ girls. They do have a taste for a southern gentleman if I do say so myself. Once they've had the taste they're hard to shake. My situation was a nice little deal where we'd meet up in Atlanta monthly for work and fun. Luckily I was in a different state and she didn't know where I lived. My brother actually lived with one (weird situation with work and you end up renting from your boss and he's got a hot nympho daughter) and packed his truck and fled the entire state as fast as possible once he had his window to escape. Like I said weird situation.
    Yeah bro, definitely need a beginning, a middle, and an end for this one. Please tell...

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    Hopefully the Clemmy Bros. worked the middle til the early morn on them wahines.

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    yes, clemmy do expand. you had me at 'bosses's nympho daughter'

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Not really housewives, but all the single wahines in MoCo were fantastic this past weekend and very kind to Spicoli. The water there needs to be tested then infused into every other reservoir in the nation thereafter. Dope brunettes for days.

    I'm telling you bros, my overall opinion of Jerz went up 10 notches after a weekend of surfable waves, nice people, and smokes for women. That puts it at a +6 out of 50. A few more trips there and I just may even speak positively of it as a whole!

    What's up with these felines in No. Jerz? Not the Snooky or Jennelle kind, but the educated and well-bred ones. They are fine, fine, fine.
    I too was in somoco for the weekend and surfed a lot. nice 3 footers, huh? nice freakn
    water temp. can't say about the ladies but i remember from when i was an lg there that
    sometimes they were friendlier in august than june.....times'-a-wastin....

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    You think Jersey girls are bad? Try being married to a German-Irish biker girl from Pennslytucky for the past 22 years.