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    Moving to Va Beach/OBX

    Hi all,

    I'm moving to Norfolk Virginia this weekend. Any tips on surfing Va beach/OBX? I'm not looking for spot specifics, but any info on police/lifeguards/parking, or places NOT to go would be excellent.


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    Start with this link. It will give you the low down on surfing areas and times during the summer.

    This link details parking. Parking at First Street metered spaces and the Pendleton lot is free before 10am.

    If it gets over waist high they usually fly the red flags from the lifeguard stands which mean you can surf anywhere, not just surfing areas. The northend of VB doesn't have lifeguards, but police do patrol there and occasionally give tickets if you're surfing during non-surfing hours. This occurs on the weekends. If red flags are up on the southend you can safely surf the northend though.

    Designated surfing areas:

    Anywhere north of 42nd street (Monday-Thursday only)
    Between 4th and 5th Street (I think there is still one there)
    1st Street Jetty
    Croatan Jetty
    Pendleton (between the fences)
    Little Island Park (north side of Sandbridge Pier)
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    When you surf really close to the 15th Street pier, be sure to wear your helmet.

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    VB has waves???

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    Thanks everyone...well really just yankee haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M.R.gnar28 View Post
    VB has waves???
    Yeah, we try not to let the secret out though. Keeps this place the uncrowded surfing mecca it is today.

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    there are too many surfers here. You will have to convince someone to leave before you get your beach pass.

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    Virginia Beach City feeds off of their citizens, avoid this area if at all possible. N.C. is the land of the free.

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    The really are no waves here. move along!

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    VA Beach