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slater is the kind of athlete that can do anything. had he chosen any other sport i am sure he would be a professional in it. hes not just athletic but he's smart. two very dangerous combinations. the greatest athlete of all time no doubt. name one person who has performed on an international level like him. and wouldnt you know hes from the right coast!!
He actually is supposed to a pretty nasty golf player too, something like a 1 or 2 handicap if he even has that at this point which is insane considering how hard golf really is to play. I don't know if he could be a PGA player but once is finished surfing I would not be shocked to see him on or close to playing on the Sr. tour.

The only other sports figures IMO that can even lay a claim to performing on the international level like a pro surfer is a high level soccer player in playing in Europe. Those guys on the best teams play nearly 100 games a year between club, and national teams, then every couple of years it is a major international event like the Euro's, the Copa American (in South America) or the World Cup (all occur every 4 years like the Olympics, but for example the WC was in 2006 followed by the Euro's in 2008 and so on).

Slater along with Tiger Woods is without question the best individual sport athlete of all time. Considering he on his way to a 9th title and won more events this year than most will win in their career at his age it pretty hard to argue against it. Also surfing is pretty evolved at this point, and he has been able to be the man as the sport changed every year, as well as driving many of those changes. There will never be another surfer that can accomplish what he has over his career.

Just wondering if he was on a Simon Anderson when he won, I know he prefers them in J-Bay to his Merricks usually. I have not seen any up close footage or pictures of the event yet.