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    Used Nat Young 9'-4" Noserider

    I have an opportunity to buy this board for about $400 but not sure if it is a worthwhile purchase! Any thoughts?

    PS: I have only been surfing a few years and want to get a little better board to surf these New England waves.

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    If that's the Bic, I have one, and I like it a lot. (Let the flames begin!) I surf Gulf of Maine and weigh a fit 185 before wetsuit so the volume suits me. It's got a concave nose, wide and thick enough for me without being too slow. 2+1 fin config is very versatile, it's a pretty good turner despite some swing weight, a pretty good nose rider, and pretty good wave catcher. You should be able to get a used one for about half of retail though, 400 seems steep. If you can wait until fall most of the shops will have Bics in their rental fleet you can get for cheaper. Look out for any separation of the sandwich in the nose, but other than that they are as durable as everybody says ... like I've had one fall off the car racks with no ill effect.
    In general I'd say a 9'x" 2+1 is probably the most versatile board you can get, one board for dribblers to overhead, cruising to carving. The 9'4 used to be my daily driver until I got a 7'6 big guy quad fish from Isle, now if there is any size at all I usually go fishin but that's just my thing now.
    And I don't disagree that there is no substitute for a custom shape from a local shaper.

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    Thanks G-Wood. I wasn't sure if the price was good or not so maybe I'll just wait for a better deal.
    I surf on a 10ft Yater so it isn't as if I am without a board, but wanted something a little smaller (that will fit inside my car!).

    Hey - I was at York, ME last Saturday. Is the seaweed always that bad?

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    ha my radius is Pine Point to Reed SP so I can't speak to the sea weed at York ... but every session is a box of chocolates that's for sure! yeah I have a 10 foot single fin that's a lot of fun but the 9'4 2+1 will definitely give you a different and fun ride, more swooping turns if that's your cup of tea. I don't notice much loss of paddle power on that 9'4 (vs the 10) either, it's pretty thick. This guy is selling a NEW one for $450, that's like wholesale! : So I'd be tempted to contact the guy with the used one and tell him you are looking at new for $450 and see if you could get down in the 3s.
    hey good luck!