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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItStop View Post
    My prediction, if this isnt rescinded soon, mass body boarding events will take place as civil disobedience. you heard it hear first folks. or maybe not, lots of other message boards are talking about this bureaucratic overreach. and by bureaucratic overreach I mean aggressive asinine autocratic act.

    the ban was rescinded the moment they read your post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manisses View Post
    Maybe a rendition of Feeling Groovy for second post?
    ok fine, paul simon steals second.

    Slow down Jill, you move too fast
    You got to make the freedom last
    Just kicking down the sponger dudes
    Cooking up rules, ignorin' duty
    Ba da da da da da da, actiní loony

    Hello, sponger, why ya cryin'?
    Iíve come to keep your stoke from dyin'
    We got'cha Rock waves back, ya see?
    Foot in doo-doo, Parks Department
    Ba da da da da da da, what a doozy

    I got no love for Jill
    No promises to keep
    Iím proudly and loudly creating a heap
    Let the spongers drop all of their flippers on you
    D*ck, I'll drag you
    It's my duty

    suppose we should say thanks to Rockaways Administrator Jill Weber for coming to her senses.
    (718) 318-4000