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    Xylem "Malama Kai" Paipo

    This is our most popular board and a customer favorite for sure. "Malama Kai" roughly translates to "Take Care of the Ocean" in Hawaiian. This finless paipo is made to have some serious fun! Just get out there, revisit that ocean you fell in love with in a whole new way. Paipos are designed to be ridden prone but a few people can stand and shred on them. Paipos are an absolute blast in hollow surf! Way faster than a body board and most agree way more soul. The subtle flex characteristics allow the board to fit in the wave but remain stiff enough to crank a mean cutback with style and speed to spare. From the biggest hollow surf down to 1 foot shore break, just strap on some fins, drop in at the last possible second and feel like a grom again. Paipos have a way of making any surf exciting and new. Got small waves? The Malama Kai is AWESOME in the small stuff! It's just so fast it doesn't take much of a wave to get you going...Small waves watch out!
    *Since each board is made custom, most orders take about 6 weeks for delivery.
    For more information or to place an order:
    Call 1(910)547-1450
    email anytime:

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    Very cool.

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    Sweet board bro.

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    I've got one and it's sick

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    The Malama Kai and Preacher models are good, solid paipos, as is the Xylem owner/shaper. The boards are literally steals for the work that goes into them.