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Thread: Surf Art

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    Surf Art

    Posting this to get some feedback. Started this as a way to memorialize a broken board. It is intended to be a 2-piece wall hanging. Any comments would be appreciated.
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    This is the second one I did for a buddy in SoCal
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    Oct 2006
    Looks pretty cool. It would also be nice artwork for a functional board.

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    i agree...i am actually painting directly on the styrafoam core and using the epoxy/fiberglass topcoat as the "frame". Thanks for the comments!

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    you did a good job on that.

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    Good stuff, what is the surface material that is on the boards, that you conduct the work on? Or maybe it is an optical illusion.

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    I basically cut away the glass coat, based on the design I want to go with, then I paint directly on the core blank of the board. In these cases, both boards were styrafoam cores with epoxy glass. I assume (but haven't tried) that the same can be done with foam or closed cell polystyrene boards as well. I think it provides a better "canvas" than painting directly on the top of the board, plus gives it depth. Just a different/creative way to combine my passion for art, surfing, and salvaging a broken stick.

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    That's pretty groovy stuff, man. But, what I would like to know is how you are breaking these logs?

    Good question...I only broke the Stewart and could lie and say it was on a heavy day, but I won't. it actually broke while paddling out on Valentines Day at Fort Macon. Freak thing I know! The other I am not's a commission piece from a buddy in Cali...

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    wow, fort macon? thats crazy. i have never seen anyone even come close to breaking a board there..i like the art work. you should try adding more shades of each color. but over all good work. like great grandfather said, art is mans nature, and nature is Gods art!

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    like great grandfather said, art is mans nature, and nature is Gods art!
    Grandfather knows best...great quote! As far as breaking the board at Fort Macon...I, and about 5 others, stood there shaking our heads in disbelief for about 10 mins. Oh well, got a better stick now so all is good...word to the wise, DON'T buy Stewart's E-Type epoxy boards!