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Thread: Fishing boats

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    Fishing boats

    Ok i live in Longbranch and i fish off the jettys and off the beach. But i want to go out on a fishboat and fish out there for something other than black fish and fluke. I always see boats come out of Highlands and Belmars..Dose anybody know any good boats ?? ALso I only want a day trip mainly 9am to mabey 4.. ANd some of the people i'm going with dont want to go out super far thanks

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    Capt Ron "The Fisherman" out of the highlands

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    my buddy told me of this great trip he had out of the belmar inlet...forget the name of it tho..srry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttons View Post

    Capt Ron "The Fisherman" out of the highlands
    ive heard nothing but good things about capt ron from his reports online he seems like a solid captain that will put you on fish or die trying

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    The fisherman out of atl. highlands is the best boat and only boat i use.

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    Thank U MaN

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