Ok guys so serious customer service issues are going down.

I ordered a toobs Herlihy with channels on July 3rd. I guess they were busy because the board didn't get here until July 28th (today). The board I wanted was in the local surf shop 2 minute walk from my house without channels, but I wanted channels so i custom ordered off of toobs.com.

All I do with bodyboarding is about 80% standup. I already tore through 2 other boards including one herlihy without channels. I ordered the second one after my first started taking on water (July 3rd). So i'm without a board for 25 days. FINALLY the board comes today and it has NO channels. I paid for them....just an error with toobs.

So my question is:
Are channels really that important on a Herlihy? Anyone have experience riding both models? Because seriously I just want to ride...and if I have to wait another month to get my order right im going to be pissed. 25 days was already hell without a board. I don't know if i'm ready to wait all that time again....my summer is going to be over by then.

Thanks for the help.