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    Minor Swell For Gulf

    should be seeing a minor swell for the gulf coast areas as TS dolly tracks into the yucatan channel. best at south facers. maybe waist high plus ground swell with bigger sets approaching the panhandle. should be close to the memorial day swell we experienced, which was one of the most fun series of days i have had surfing for awhile. lets hope this thing can pick up a little more energy while it is still over open waters...

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    fun waves

    got some fun groundswell down south,venice area on tuesday. waist to chest high, prolly bigger up north and into the panhandle. waves were real small this morning, knee to waist maybe, but still some fun standout sets at waist plus. maybe we'll get another pulse..?? doubtful though

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    second pulse arrived and was quite fun. thursday morning we saw chest plus super clean swell breaking on the outside bars down here, till a storm came through and blew it all to crap. this morning was also quite fun with some more waist to chest waves with super good conditions, but not quite as much power as thrsday, still shortboardable but was more fun with a longboard,hope you got some good waves too