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    Big wave bodyboarding

    I am a big wave bodyboarder. What I mean by that,is that I go after 6-9 ft, usually just befor and after big storms passing through Delaware, I never see any other body boarders go after the big waves, most of the folks i see are going after those short,shore breaking little slabletts. If anyone wants to go hang out with me a little further out past the line-up, just a give a holler, Have fun,be safe,Happy memorial Day 2006, let the games begin. Peace. Old John

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    Southern Coastal Delaware
    John, you must be checking the wrong spots because there are plenty of us who rarely ever miss a solid swell. Locally a few spots can handle Overhead + swell with 6'-9' FACES, but not a 6'-9' swell unfortunately. That requires travel elsewhere such as HI, MEX, P.R., etc for me. Contact me next time yhere is swell and we can share a few waves.


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    Yeah thats what ... KNee high shorey!lmao

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    Dumps was fun last October. I'm usually out every chance I get, especially on days bigger than 5ft. Don't hesitate to paddle over and say "Hi". Now that i'm shedding my full suit, I usually wear a red oneal rashguard, blue tech fins, and ride a black No. 6.

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    Man, I'd love a good swell right about now. Those pictures are getting to me.

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    I hear you Joel. I hope this year in the Atlantic provides a strong summer season of swell.

    Old John

    As for people not charging big waves, I would agree with Chuck that you are looking in the wrong spots. There is no need to paddle to the outside when we can score bombs in knee deep water. Bring your A-game or a back brace. Hope to see you in the lineup.


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    NS/GP SUCKS Guest
    Hope none of yall mind a surfer out there I ride glass youll see me out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NS/GP SUCKS
    Hope none of yall mind a surfer out there I ride glass youll see me out there.
    yea come to the southside with us.... I bet you will have toons of fun surfing your glass into the beach. haha.

    here comes summer!!!

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    ocsponger Guest
    130th is the place to be when waves pick up

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    man screw outside.. inside is where we stay at unless your at specific spots with illmatic outside waves. being a jersey native that just moved out to oahu i must say that you apprciate the inside soo much more then the outside when you visit spots like sandys and diamondhead over here. im currently in jersey right now visitn my family and its sooo depressing how there is no swell ihope that tropical storm turns into a hurricane and flies up the east coast