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    hey at least the beach isnt infested with giant 30ft indians

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    oc, md was infested yesterday as well. probably linked to the fact that the west winds were blowing the day prior for the majority of the day. they get caught up just like everything else, and blow right in off the open fields and farmer's crops. either that or its the first plague of the apocalypse, and the anti-christ is on his way...


    confirmed on the thresher, about 6.5-7 ft, washed up on my roomate's beach he guards, pretty epic! he said it was beached itself.

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    "DC suburbs"-allegedly

    that shark

    i want some proof that it acutally washed up on the beach

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    Here's a cell photo
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    i noticed all the grasshoppers today too it was ****ing wierd as hell. they were all over the place and ive never really seen any in ocmd and never in this volume for sure. weird ****, the grasshoppers, mauntak monster, and a shark beaching itself........ all in like 2 days haha. OBlove whats the deal with the guards reporting getting sick.

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    not the first time this has happened.......last time there was a big fish kill at the same time, you had the beach covered with grasshoppers feasting on the dead bodies of fish. Now that was strange for sure,... same time of year as well,....right around the Marlin tourny..

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    This is crazy.. That threser would hurt if it bit you haha... And about these grasshoppers.. Collect them and sell them to the chinese.. They will buy ANYTHING.

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    they were everywhere in south bethany a couple of days ago...then the seagulls started having a feast with the little buggers