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    Quote Originally Posted by jjcliff View Post
    thanks man, definitely appreciated.

    Always cool to find some really talented local musicians to work with and collaborate on stuff. So I'd definitely be down if you ever need anything. Your tunes rock tho, and the production on the songs is super crisp.. sounds awesome

    you guys got any upcoming shows?

    Just thinking I've probably seen you a half million times out surfing if you spend any time at all up on holyoke
    We're also playing the contest in cedars in oct. from what im told. Should be raaaaad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quail man123 View Post
    really good
    Thank you brotha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgnsup View Post
    I back this dude and the music... Vessl sounds real good. Bryan... post a thread on here when you guys play that show in about 3 weeks. I'll try and keep up with the myspace and all but will check this a lot more.
    Will do my man. Thanks for checking us out!

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    This is an older thread, but I was searching around on here and found myself listening to VESSL - Dig it! definitely chillin and heavy at times, good stuff! where's the albums at? I'd like to hear more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decapod View Post
    hey guys i play guitar for a band called Vessl. we're from LBI, check us out @ -- i also have a side project called Vortices Collide, you can listen here: -- great music to surf to.
    I like the music its got some bite, a little metal chunkyness surround by flowing electronic sounds pretty good man, then...... there's the singing. Can anyone tell me why everyone sings like a ***** these days? Don't take it to personally I mean your screaming is right-on but I can't stand this whiney, gooey style of delivery that seems to permeate your generations music. ie, Taking Back Sunday, Breaking Benjamin...etc, And Im not saying your voice sounds bad, it doesn't. Im sure you guys will do really well. Your sound seems pretty tight. You sound as good or better than any of the other whiney rock/metal I hear these days. They all start out hard as nails and then devolve into, or alternate between, sissy singing. I suppose the chicks dig it. Good luck.

    How to sound like you have testicles...

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    hey post when u come out with it

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    cityscape and shark are sick songs
    i can picture myself just whackin the lip to these songs
    great music
    let us know if any concerts?

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    man, you guys get really stoaked on some pretty bad music. I mean honestly, how hard is it to be in a bad punk band.

    Punk is dead guys, Sample based electronic hip hop/dance music is there here and now. Duhhhhh.

    Pretty Lights, Pnuma Trio, STS9. Listen to them!!!!