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Thread: spear fishing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    Hope you like brown. You are going to see a lot of it.
    Thanks Lee, that cracked me up!

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    nagas heed
    If you are gonna be serious about spearfishing get some decent stuff out the gate. The following gear will last you forever, and you will not need to ever upgrade it (other than shafts and bands).
    * 60-90cm euro speargun (Cressi, Omer, Rob Allen, Mako, etc) I prefer a 75cm for most of my diving.
    * Longblade freediving fins
    * weight belt (rubber ones are nicest for freediving)
    * Black mask that fits your face perfectly (try them on if you can!)

    I say support your local dive shop if they carry freediving stuff. If not you can order online.

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    Really cool video... Agree with everything you said about equipment too. But I think a Hawaiian Sling is the way to go for a 1st spear.

    Quote Originally Posted by pamlico dan View Post
    Here's a video from earlier this summer. I got in to freediving a while back to help build confidence in large surf. It turns out I like it just as much as surfing.