i hope it stays flat for another month and a half because you all will be gone soon. i wont have to see anyone in the water or read any posts about it being flat or what should i wear. there will be waves again in sept as usual and all you pa life guards wont be on duty and all you 3 month "surfers" who can barely stand will be safely inland reading surf magazines and buying new boards to add to your quiver of boards you can't ride.

enjoy the all you can eat seafood buffets, boardwalk games and buying your surf gear at the tourist surf shops so you can go back to school and let everyone think you are a surfer. dont worry people from pa and other non surf areas will think you can actually surf.

enjoy the flatness. summer will be gone soon and the waves will be back and you will all be gone. ahahahah enjoy

and yes i am pissed i just lost the event..