I have just got back into surfing, bought a longboard a while back went to nags head. Not to bad actually got to ride the waves the water was warm (usta surf out west)....I like this!
The next time I went to the beach was Emerald isle..not to cool! The current was crazy and the the waves were foamy, not too rideable for the amount of effort (at least when I went). I am thinking near pelican watch next time.... seems like the best place for the distance from rtp.
Any thoughts?

The one crazy thing I noticed was the people in the water in the surf zones,I said something to them once and they gave me the stink eye (maybe it was the way I said it ) these people must wanna go to the dentist real bad, huh?
Never had that problem much out west with this were I usta live.

Anyways, hello everyone!!