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im not a person to forget to apologize to people if i hit them but the dad of the kid i hit pissed me off and he never gave me an oppurtunity to apologize but i dont want the surf zones to change i like them and i dont want me due to a stupid mistake i made to change them again. And the lifeguard came and talked to me about it after it happened cause he saw it and i went and apologized to the kid but the dad was a real a hole for pushing the kid on a boogie board on my wave. and i just think that it trully wasnt my fault since i did yell the direction i was goping and the dad didnt hear me. Finally when i go surfing most of the people swimming in the surf zones duck under the water or get out of your way if they see you coming.
Just a side note is that most people that don't surf don't understand wave ettiquette,

And msurfgo really hit the nail on the head, all good points.