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    Lib Tech Skate Banana

    This is for all the snowboarders out there...

    Just wanted to know if any of you have ridden the new skate banana, or are planning on it. I am saving up to get myself one, i have talked to demo guys (my friend being one of them and he says its rediculous and it's def the future of snowboarding. From what they say, the addition of the rockers in the board and the Magna-Tech rails (which look crazy) it has made the board have soo much pop and such a smooth ride with it holding edges much better.

    Check it out.. they have videos up on youtube and just go to lib-tech's website.

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    yea that board is definatly sick i have the forum manual and the rome artifact... and those are the best jib boards i ever had

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    IT just looks rediculous.. I have an 08 custom X i bought last year and im debating on selling it to get one of these. I also ride a 04 nitro shadow limited which is one of my fav boards ever..

    but this board is probly gonna halt some other top companies with sales this year depending on the reviews when the season starts...

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    I got that board when it came out its a sick board to ride great for the quiver awsome for park butters and stuff like and just carving around with that magna traction is dope also in powder is good the only probably with it was when ur bomding hard it gets shaky so you have to keep carving a little here and there or you'll start to feel it spinning from that reverse camber but great for the quiver keep your other boards too.

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    i talked to my boy he's demo-ing it so imma take it for a weekend and see how much i like it. Most likely will pick one up, just gotta get some cash first.

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    you can jib and butter everything!

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    tommya Guest

    skate bananan is good

    yea man, pick up one of those. Really fun, loose turning (think skateboarding) and should you score powder, great in that. check out ted shreds winter scent this season too and keep your crib smellin fresh for the ladies.


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    Man there is some kooky snowboard lingo going on in this post.

    Get a real skateboard and ride real terrain you bunny hill posers!

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    the skate banana is a very sick board. I live in go to school in steamboat colorado, and my major is ski and snowboard retail and design, last year i rode over 100 days. You can talk all the trash you want on burton, but i stick with them for my boards. If your only gonna ride around here though, the skate banana would be a great board. I almost bought one, but i got the new burton X 80. The magna traction really is a genious idea. The board has ridges on it almost like a sarated knife, giving the board 14 contact point on its edges rather than the regular 2 on each side with board with out magna traction. Translation, this means you can keep your edges super super dull, and still be able keep an edge on ice. Meaning Jib to you hearts desire, and never worry about catching an edge on the rail. The skate banana was designed for east coast jibbers. Another great thing about the banana is its versitle, one of my buddies broke his pow stick and was forced to ride nipple deep pow on more than a few occasions on the banana and it handled surprisingly well. So pretty much, if your just a weekend rider, or a few times a year rider, the skate banana is the board for you, but if you looking for something a little more tailor made to your exact needs, look at burton, they have a board for everyone.

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    bonersurf from what you just said sounds like you can use the banana for everything.. so if we ride all the time and cant afford different boards for different days and different conditions why shouldnt we get this board.. you just want us to buy like 4 different burtons to taylor made our needs on different days depending what the conditions are and what features were gonna hit?