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    Paddled out extremely briefly right before dark in central Monmouth yesterday... bigger and less organized than it looked from the beach, and the current was trying to push me into a jetty. Got out with maybe 20 minutes of light left, realized I didn't have enough time to really get my bearings or get it figured out, and was kinda getting a bad feeling about being out there solo so close to dark. Caught a smaller sloppy wave to get halfway in and then fought the rips for 5-10 minutes to make it back to land (strong rip right next to the jetty that the current was pushing me hard into, felt like I was on a treadmill). Was hoping to bank a decent ride or two last night in case it goes to sh!t by the time I get out of work today, but in hindsight should've just stayed dry.
    Winter time, alone, just before dark, is always a weird feeling. I feel happy just to get my feet back on the sand at the end of the session.

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    Nothing but lefts on the Delmarva yesterday. Got out in the afternoon for a nice long session, that would have been longer but my hands were getting cold in 3mm. gloves. Being goofy foot = so much fun in long rolling lefts. Got out a shot a few with numb fingers at around 6 p.m. Gotta love bright sun at 6 p.m. Did someone say first day of Spring!

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    rolling in from the upstate this morning to see the occ waist, long lines. Got in for 30, but minor chop a handful of waves. got to carve out a wall nicely on the LB. hi tide at 2 so not sure if it'll linger well after work. keeping my eyes out all week, supposedly the wind chop will decide things

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    I got out this morning. It was waaaaaayyyy smaller than predicted. But it was still fun until the stinkin tide came in and made it all mushy-like. I couldn't shake the cold for some reason either even though it was mild compared to recent days.
    Anyone do OCNJ this morning? CJ?

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    NoMoCo was doin' it. Got a bunch of waves the first hour of my session, then for some weird reason I started getting calf cramps. For the next hour every wave was a new experience in pain.

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    SoMoCo was a blast too. Solid chest to head high sets where I was. Clean lines. Minimal wind. Just my buddy and I shared the line up. He had a log and I had my new Roberts Dreamcatcher. Perfect day to take it out. Caught a 75-100 yarder. Stoked.

    Was out yesterday in OC. Head to overhead scraps. Forecast was a big let down for sure. I hope we get some clean big swell in the mix again soon. Friend's mom got one pic of me out there. Nothing special...


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    Looks like I missed out on a really good day in Jersey, huh? Lame.

    What really sucks is this was a day where I only had to work for 3 or 4 hours, but I had to hang out up there for an obligation that I had tonight. So I couldn't make plans to come back all the way down to Monmouth County to surf for a little bit and then drive all the way back up north.


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    I got a session in NO OC and SO MOCO. Pretty fun in both spots.

    OC had enough size and push to get a feel for a "new to me" Coil Chopstick I picked up last month. Seems likenits going to be a really fun board.

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    I had a fun sunset session yesterday after work. I took my newly repaired 6'10" WRV FunFish out for a spin for the first time in a few years. Waves were chest / shoulder high and building, semi-clean with a light onshore breeze. The smaller ones were mushy and crumbly but the sets had power and form. It took me a couple waves to get use to the boart againe. It felt stiff on turns. It's 6 inches longer than my Coil FBF, and 10 inches longer than my M-80.

    On my 3rd wave I got a solid set wave, it lined up perfectly, I went backside, I made sure to get all the way back on the tail this time, which resulted in my bottom turn having more power and I went vertical for a roundhouse snap with a fan of spray, a move I wasn't pulling off when I got this boart over 12 years ago, but I knew it was something I was "capable" of. It's nice being able to go back in time on this boart, I think I'll ride it every now and then but it reminded me why I got these Coils, which are much better boarts.

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    Fun perfectly shaped chest high lefts in central Monmouth late afternoon/early evening yesterday. Bit of a wait between sets and seemed like more paddling than expected after each ride due to currents/rips (aren't rips supposed to make paddling back out easier? felt like I was on a treadmill in certain spots though...), but no complaints at all. Nothing epic but a very enjoyable session.