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    maybe the ground floor, definitely not debasement.

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    haha how can you admit you were a part of the sh**talking, then complain about it?

    oooohhh just because you were bored and wanted to stir the pot, ah nm then its cool.

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    You're all made of girl stuff!!!!!!!!! Surfing is dominated by the alpha males so adjust and grow a sack!!!!!!!!!!

    And a thick membrane that can handle faceless internet jabs......come on guys!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oipaul View Post
    maybe the ground floor, definitely not debasement.

    Haha... Funny one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smack da lip whaaapaaa View Post
    When I discovered Swellinfo in Spring 07, I thought it was such a useful tool. Its forecasts, much like today, were dead on accurate and very useful in terms of planning my day around work, social activities, and surfing. However, the community on these forums lately seem to be undoing all that this site has built up in terms of I guess "quality" or "continuity"... not sure what word I'm looking for here. Nevertheless, what I am getting at is that at times I can barely take the people who use this site seriously. Sometimes I visit this page and view some of the posts, and I think about how ridiculous about 85% of the community on this forum is. Myself included. Yes I may have had a few posts that were downright ridiculous and foolish. I may have gotten underneath a few people's skin, and perhaps maybe even started a thread about how I think body boarders suck. Well, I can assure you that all of my posts were undeniably out of boredom and for the sake of stirring up some feelings amongst what I think is the strangest band of surfers/bodyboarders/whateverthefukc-you-do's I've seen anywhere on the internet.

    Long story short, I think the forum is taking away from this site. I feel like the foolish posts and threads make each of the people who actually use this site for the forecasts seem as kookish as the individuals posting stupid threads like, "Am I a Kook?" or the douche bag that argues "Pro Beach Badge", or the idiots that blow up a surf spot and then argue about whether or not its the real shtihole that it actually is. In fact, after saying all this, I feel like I am liberating myself from this forum as I will never be posting on here ever again. Goodbye you crazy bastards. I will still be using this site for its original purpose, getting some info on whatever swell is headed our way (whenever that might be!)
    quit complaining