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    Lido Beach Lifeguards

    This monday, I thought it would be nice to get somewhat of a shortboardable day on a popular beachbreak during this flat spell. I was called out due to lightning heading this way. After that I just was standing on the beach looking at the ocean before i was going to leave. This lifeguard starts heckling me, I say with some attitude i'm just looking at the ocean, than he starts saying the typical new yorker lifeguard comebacks. Than on the way out i was alittle frustrated and forgot to wrap my leash around my board, and the same lifeguard starts stepping on it. I really don't get why they think sitting on a high chair and having a whistle means they own the beach, I'm almost over these Nazi beachbreaks.
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    iz this story real? jeezuz...lifeguardz r such peckerheadz...don't worry, summer'z almost dun, and they retreat back 2 skewl or the tanning salonz or the gym...i'd come back l8r, when hee gets off duty, find out which car hee drivez, then slash hiz tirez 2morrow...

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    dont slash his tires or srew with his car.It was the lifegaurd , not the car. Go after the lifegaurd and show him whos the real boss