ANNC: US Vintage Surf Auction A Major Success:

The first of its kind online vintage surfboard auction set new records and astonished collectors worldwide.

More than 570 registered bidders from around the globe made this the biggest Vintage Surf Auction ever.

With some of the most rare surfboards and surf collectibles to ever see an auction, little wonder that sales approached $600,000.

Besides the record number of bidders, records were also set in both wood and foam surfboards as well as many other of the vintage surf collectibles. A mint wooden Tom Blake 'Hawaiian Surfboard' sold in excess of $32,000. While a 60s foam Greg Noll- Micky Dora 'Da Cat' shattered all previous sales with a final selling price of $19,000.

Auction promoter, Jim Winniman believes that the record breaking turnout and prices are attributed to the fact that "Bidders are able to 'attend' from their home. And because they save time as well as thousands of dollars on travel expense, they can justify spending more on their investments."

"I suspected there was a demand for an online Vintage Surf Auction but was floored at how big it turned out. I never expected to break records on the first go. Now buyers are super eager for the next auction and sellers are already bringing us some phenomenal pieces for consignment"

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