still dont see much swell for thursday, as much as i'm frothin, and as bad as i wanna make something out of nothing with the forcasts, checked 5 other reliable resources, all have diffrent wind directions, also none blowing more than 15kt. to get a waist to chest high wave i would say it would have to blow 15 to 25 kt plus over atleast 12 hours to make anything like is being forcasted (5.6@8sec). As far as the tropics go, i wouldnt count on either one of these storms(92L 93L) giving us anything, like i said,,, i wish i could be more optimistic, but its just not looking good, so dont get your hopes up. Wind shear has been 10kt below, and the water temps were good, but dry sahara sandy air has hurt it pretty bad, and wind shear is expected to increase to 15 to 20kt , thats gonna finish it off. 93l is if it does do any more development, going to take a hard N to NW turn out to sea and is going to produce no swell for the right coast.

thats just my take on things as they look right now. sucks. later on