Invest 92L soon to be tropical storm Fay is showing the following tracks:
these tracks mean this:
GFDL, HWRF: parallel to the east coast of Florida, 50-100 miles offshore
UKMET: Through South Florida into the Gulf of Mexico
NOGAPS: Through the Florida Keys, then northwest towards the Alabama/Mississippi coast
GFS: Through the Bahamas, then north towards North Carolina
Canadian: Across Cuba and through the Cayman Islands, then north in the Gulf of Mexico

the best track that it can take for us surfers anyways would be the GFDL or HWRF. this would be the ideal situation because i twould most likely not make land fall and would curve back out to see, which in turn would produce a large amount of background swell for the outerbanks.(where the real waves on the eastcoast are)

if it goes in the gulf, were **** out of luck. i will update these tracks around 11o'clock tonight. dont be surprised to see it in the TS status.

Also i have read alot of posts talking about beginers and what not, it is strongly recomended that if your not sure about your skill levels out there, then stay out of the water when **** gets big. not to only protect your self but others aswell. another thing is that these people are going to be out there, so exspierenced surfers be on the look out. i save 6 people during the bertha swell, which wasnt a true hurricane caliber swell. just thought i would add that.

later on