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    ya, looks like a couple little tropical waves to the south of the high may create a little pressure gradient and create some SE fetch our way.

    We need the high to push out to see to see decent conditions though.

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    yea, i think the south eastern states will b c'in surf 4 quite sum time from this scenario! way b4 us longislanderz doo, once that high iz pushed out to sea more, like u said, it should filter in2 the northern states better, hopefully...most other 4casts/modelz i've checked don't have this happenin' till atleast sunday sometime...i wuz confuzed at first by this nu 4casted swell, since i thought the source wuz Fay, and how that would b impossible since it's movin' back i c it's a totally seperate incident (pressure gradient). but i think once it starts, it should keep us in the GO! status for atleast several dayz! the whole southeast looks like they'll have solid surf for a week straight or sumthin!

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