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Thread: fin question

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    fin question

    I just bought a channel islands fishcuit, and it has futures AM1 fins. I was looking at the futures site and couldn't find anything about them. I was wondering if anyone knew what fins these were comparable to, because I just want to make sure I have the right fins for me. Thanks.

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    Re: Your Am1 Fins

    So do a google search for Future Fins Am1. I did. I see that these are 450's (4.5" long). It would depend on your specs (wt. and surfing style). These fins would be for "a lighter surfer who enjoys a more loose feel". I would say if you're a beginner, these would not be the fins for you.

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    thanks for the reply, but I think that is for the thruster set, and the fishcuit is a quad fin. I've tried googleing them and cant find anything out.

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    Have you tried surfing on them yet?

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    i'd stick with those.