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    Want to go to Kill devil hills to get back into it--need info on hotels etc

    Ok I was planning on going to OC to do some surfing before the COLD comes through, but seeing how beach restoration has killed the sand bars there doesn't look like I would get much of a line. Then I was thinking Va beach, but surfline indicates hard core localism there and frankly I don't feel like fighting over waves to try and catch a few. I've been there and done that in central Fla.

    Yeah I haven't done it years now (mid 90's) so I guess I'll be a bit kooky trying to get back the lost basics and besides that I used to be a heavy smoker (yeah both types) and that took most of my wind away and became short winded on my last trip to Costa Rica so the smoking was taking its toll to paddle and getting held under meant close to downing, so I've finally quit after many years and starting to get my wind back so now I think I can handle it again.

    Definitely do not want head-overhead conditions to fart around with, but more less waist-chest fun stuff. So where do I go for a nice mellow beach break where the natives aren't going to get restless? and most important I need a hotel 100-150 close to a break (preferably within walking distance of it) Then I need a shop in the area that allows the rental of a decent short board to use. I know how shops are about renting and most have thick crap boards that are the rentals and I do not want to hunt allover for a decent board to be able to use.

    So if anyone can suggest where to surf/stay/shop I would appreciate it. I know how the rules work so not by any means coming to be "another kook", although I'm gonna look like it trying to get that experience I had back Thanks for any help. Laters

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    dude, nost of the time, locals are "asssholes" because people paddle out right in the line up, cut them off, all kinds of kook **** like that, so if you dont do it, no worries, i doubt they will even know your there if the waves are good.

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    well, good of you to get back on the board!

    I live in Delmarva, and there are plenty of areas here where you can essentially rent a hotel room right on the beach, and go down the street to a nearby shop to rent a board. If you need some suggestions, feel free to private message me.

    The sand bars aren't so great right now, but they will get better with all the swell activity in the water right now - especially after Hanna passes this weekedn.