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Thread: Assateague surf

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    Assateague surf

    So when I surf Delmarva, I usually end up going to Assateague, just to avoid the crowds. What I've been doing is driving onto the island and either parking in one of the national park lots or driving onto the beach until I find a decent break. I usually find some fun little waves, but nothing to write home about. I've heard very mixed opinions on the wedge. Are there any spots on Assateague that break particularly well?

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    assateague is very dependant on tides-winds-swell direction-swell period, probably more so than other areas locally and with many miles of beach it takes some time to figure it out. But when it's on you can usually find something good to yourself.
    The wedge is one of those spots that is very fickle - get it right & you'll love it but you could be making the paddle for years before you catch it really on, and if you're not a strong paddler and confident with your ability so as not to get hurt out there without immediate help I'd exercise caution.
    As with every break on delmarva - they can get very good - catching assateague on a big winter swell with real long lines is one of the joys of living on delmarva.