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if luck prevails.... the swell will come right when all the kiddies have to go back to school. around labor day would benice. the beaches are wide open again.... no grandma from ohio on a raft in the take off zone. no pack of wild 5 year olds on the inside with water wings and kick boards. and best of all, the kids who think they are on the pro tour, dropping in on whomever.... well they are sitting in english class while the grown ups get to surf and enjoy the ocean for the next 9 months. anytime we want... not just on weekends. labor day cant come soon enough! study hard kids!
Couldn't have said it better. I can't wait... I've been getting ready to get some new gear for winter, and as luck would have it my good friends girl got a job w/ Xcel, so I'll get to try some of their stuff out. Swell is coming for sure. Not only that but I know that alot of people (who work y/r in ocmd) get their hours cut back, or just flat out take some time off in the off season when the waves are bangin. I do. Our time is definately right around the corner.

I'm dying for north ocmd to start crankin too...