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    Hey guys,

    I'm an Outer Banks surfer and surf photog and I'm (hopefully) flying into Jacksonville tomorrow, Thursday, morning. I'll be staying in Amelia Island through Monday, but I'll have a rental car to drive south to find some surf..

    Any recommendations where to go surf and shoot this swell that will be somewhat close to Jville? I expect conditions to be onshore slop, but maybe there are some spots that can handle the winds? I've heard Poles? Any other places?

    When I return I will have galleries from my trip on

    Thanks for any info!


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    hey matt i go to school in orlando, live in vb been looking at all your shots from the outer banks this year of my friends wanting to kill myself for coming to school in florida, it sucks! I dont think there is going to be anywhere good from this swell because of the direction and winds. Why arent you up in VB shooting the miss ECSC contest ?!!! haha

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    I'm on a family trip that's been planned for a little while now. Looks like the weather will clear up Sat Sun Monday and the swell might clean up a bit. Lighter onshore winds and some easterly swell could result in some fun waves.

    I can't say I wish I was in VB shooting ECSC. Glad they'll have waves, but that's not my scene. I don't really like shooting contests. Thanks for checking out my site. Stay tuned as I got some good shots of the Rip Curl guys and the local boys ripping yesterday and I'll put gallery up when I get back home early next week.

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    yea you were right on with the Mayport poles call- it is one of the best NE wind blockage spots in FL because how long the jetty is and the location( def. had some of the best sessions of my life on groundswell NEsters). The poles is in Hanna park and very easy to find, because it directly south of the mayport military base.Yea we are still keeping a close watch here in jax--- the water is crazy with double over head surf and washing-machine like conditions, someone died today unuasally and unfortunatly trying to swim-and two people are in the ICU.Saturday, Sunday, and Monday should be fun cleanup days though.LETS HOPE! see you out there.