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    After recent discussions about surfing beaches, and even though surfing beaches soon won't matter until next season, I was wondering how accurate this image from the Belmar website is about Belmar beaches. Is it accurate to say that you have 20 blocks of beach, at about 1.7 miles total, and at least one of those blocks is dedicated to surfing, three to bodyboarding, and one to kayaking? Please explain.
    try avon, thats where i go and it has nice breaks and not alot of kooks

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    belmar is the town i live in, in the summer dont even bother to surf if you are trying to keep yourself from going insane. the only good thing is when a decent swell comes in (a much better than average swell), the kooks tend to stay out of the water and the local surfers and bodyboarders will make an apperance into the water. There are several different breaks along the belmar strip and with a good swell lifeguards tend not to care where you surf as long as there is no one in the water

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    Cool confused

    then when surfers show up the other ppl get all mad and stand there waiting for you to get out like they cant just walk down to another beach..(?)

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    i'll never forget the time i saw this as5hole paddle boarder running over a kid, board when straight into his head...this jerk was taking literally every single wave...everyone in belmar thinks their the **** too, like they have something to prove...i used to surf it dawn, evenings, and off season, not so much anymore