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    This word is always floating around and sometimes it should be used for some people out there I guess. I wanted to get a general understanding of people's definition of a "Bennie" to clear up any misconception.

    It seems like a bennie is the following: Someone who is not local, but comes from out of town to surf. No disrespect to the locals but seems like a pretty weak label if you ask me. Now, dudes that dont know what they are doing crowding the lineup I would think is more accurate to call a bennie or plain kook.

    I come from up north jersey to surf and dont have a house at the beach with mommy and daddy but I do have apt in portugal on beach where I surf plenty every summer. Don't get me wrong, cant wait to sell my condo and buy house closer to the beach.

    So I guess I'm a bennie too huh? Since I cant ride my bike to the beach and especially since im from up north? Basically, it doesnt matter how good you surf or how long, respect locals, you are a benny if you cant ride your bike to the beach or not pro?

    If that is the definition, which I doubt, kind of gay. Definitely more to it then that.

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    there is an eleven page thread on this topic:

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    Wow 11 pages on this topic? Apologies for even bring it up..haha.

    no need to reply then--thanks

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    One thing to say


    B (Bayonne) E (Elizabeth) N (Newark) NY (New York)

    Original meaning of it and where it came from.

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    Defining a benny

    Quote Originally Posted by Prey4Surf View Post
    One thing to say


    B (Bayonne) E (Elizabeth) N (Newark) NY (New York)

    Original meaning of it and where it came from.
    This is the direct acronym for a benny, but to be a benny is a whole different definition in my opinion. By this I mean that people can qualify as a benny even if they dont live in these areas. A benny to me is someone who is extremely obnoxious and argues with the badge checkers at the beach when there is obviously nothing to argue about. Just buy the freaking badge for x dollars (usually well under 10!). That same person then says that our town wouldnt survive if it wasnt for their money. UNTRUE! Without the bennies, our town would function just fine because locals dont need lifeguards to babysit them!!!

    The next characteristic that bennies have is their extreme cockiness. Its just a terrible thing. Another way to identify a benny is if you see that someone (or large group of loud people wearing sneakers on the beach) comes onto the beach with complaining attitudes, loud kids, assortments of skimboards and boogie boards that have never been used (sometimes even surfboards that have never been waxed!), and a lot of trash that they end up leaving behind for us locals to clean up!!!!

    Now, as I said earlier, its the kind of person that you are that makes you a benny, not necessarily where you live. If you are a respectful person or surfer, but you live in say bayonne, then I would not view you as a benny. I'm not saying that you would blend in with the locals, but people would leave you alone and just accept the fact that their town is beautiful and other people think so as well and will respectfully enjoy the sunrises and sunsets together.

    In fact, most people that yell at bennies, are actually bennies because they feel the need to assert that they are not bennies! Its a ridiculous situation and usually I just end up laughing about these stupid people.

    So, to wrap up my long speech about the definition of a benny, basically a benny is someone (local or tourist) who has no respect for other people as well as not having one stitch of common sense whatsoever!!

    Karma, my friend. What goes around comes around. IF YOU DISRESPECT SOMETHING THAT SOMEONE LOVES , THEN YEA THEYLL GET REALLY, REALLY PISSED OFF! Bottom line is that respect is crucial in any aspect of your life, and the golden rule really does apply, however cliché you think it might sound! Every action you make in life matters. I'm only 15 years old and I understand stuff like this. It's the bennies, unfortunately, that don't understand it.

    hang loose

    p.s. gay isnt always the right word to use because i live near asbury and the gay people there have done a lot for the city that THE BOSS once took under his wing.