Went surfing this afternoon and saw what must be a few jellyfish on the beach, need help identifying. It was about size of 1/2 dollar with about the same shape with 1/2 inch purple tenticles all the way around it. Saw about 5 or 6 of them on beach. Dont remember seeing this type before, anyone know what kind they were? I also saw something in water that i will always wonder what it was...one of those "quick glimpses". It was about 25 yards from me, had a yellow and blue? color to it. I think it had squid/jellyfish type body, it was big, maybe size of average person. It all happened so quick that i didnt get as good a look as i would have liked. Its movements were "bobbing". BUT as soon as i spotted it, i was out. Buddy (that i told to get the h*** out the water i just saw something), talked me back into water. 1 hour and and after drifting a 1/2 mile down the beach, my buddy saw same thing "bobbing" but it was different colors. It was NOT a fish-born and raised here at beach and never seen anything like it-im baffled.