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    Jellyfish and Things

    Went surfing this afternoon and saw what must be a few jellyfish on the beach, need help identifying. It was about size of 1/2 dollar with about the same shape with 1/2 inch purple tenticles all the way around it. Saw about 5 or 6 of them on beach. Dont remember seeing this type before, anyone know what kind they were? I also saw something in water that i will always wonder what it of those "quick glimpses". It was about 25 yards from me, had a yellow and blue? color to it. I think it had squid/jellyfish type body, it was big, maybe size of average person. It all happened so quick that i didnt get as good a look as i would have liked. Its movements were "bobbing". BUT as soon as i spotted it, i was out. Buddy (that i told to get the h*** out the water i just saw something), talked me back into water. 1 hour and and after drifting a 1/2 mile down the beach, my buddy saw same thing "bobbing" but it was different colors. It was NOT a fish-born and raised here at beach and never seen anything like it-im baffled.

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    do they have a little bubble at the top?... if so, they aren't technically jellyfish, they are 'portugese man-of-wars'.... and they'll sting your ass!... but they float, and are easy to avoid.... but be carefull, even ones with a baloon about the size of a baseball can have tenticals over 10 feet long...

    google it.

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    meant to add that when it "bobbed" it's "top/head" came out of water like a bouy or something-wierd!!!

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    yo if i see a man of war, im merking dawg. I mean i'm freaking dipping the h*** out. Those things can send you to the hospital for sure and give you a heart attack!

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    I dont think it was a man-o-war because the "body" itself was too big.

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    could have been though, i dont know-i freaked as soon as i saw it so i didnt get the best look.

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    I threw the paper out, but there have been several articles and pictures of the small jellyfish you described seeing on the beach. They are usually not found around here, but we seem to be blessed this year with an abundant variety of marine life

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    When I was out on Friday, struggling with the wind and chop of Fay, something wrapped itself around my leg. I started screaming like a little girl, but it was only a long piece of the sand dune grass.

    I've got a little bottle of apple cider vinegar I take to the beach with me in a backpack, that's supposed to help with jellyfish stings.

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    I don't know what else besides Man-of-wars that have purple tentacles...

    Yeah, vinegar's good like Scarecrow said... you can also rub sandon the stung area to get the stingers out.. rinse with sea water (not fresh)

    I got stung like 5 times this summer, man they hurt like crap, but Man-of-wars, I'm don't want to find out what they feel like!

  10. yea i got popped by something about a month ago and its still red and ugly looking and itchy, i think it might be infected...oops