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    Ideas on fin selection for longboard?

    Whats up I am new to this forum I am from Panama city Florida. I've been surfing for a little over a year now now and have grown to eat, sleep, and breath it. I have got the whole popping up and dropping in thing down. Now I want to take my surfing to the next level. im really interested in side stepping and nose riding. I accidentally broke the cheap fin that came on my 9'6" long board any suggestions on a good all around fin to replace it?


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    fin selection

    while wanting to take your surfing to the next level you may consider not riding during low tide or not riding the wave to the beach thus maximizing fin life. a general rule of thumb is 1 inch for one foot of board. i have a surf buddy who swears the turbo tunnel fin goes for toes on the nose.he makes it look easy whatever he rides though.unless you plan on riding malibu or rincon i would not worry about nose riding. here on the gulf the amount of quality time on the nose is measured in very little time.cross stepping is cool and functional.practise often.go for 5 for shure ten is pretty tough.if i were you i would get a 8.5 rainbow or fins unlimited . if you want some crazy fun, try a 7 inwaist hi and get near the front. pop out the tail drift, re engage... or try a 4 inch in smaller stuff . pull out center fin and go side slip to turbo drive in other words have fun.

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    for a 9'6" I would go with a 9.5 inch flex fin. It will let you turn the board but also hold for walking the board. Also, it will give you lift and drive.