Yes I know this is a SURFING forum but what has yet to be accomplished is a real surfing video game, cause Kelly Slater's game did not cut the mustard. There was no real control in carving or tricks, you could press a combination of buttons to make a trick happen, but most of all it did not have a fluid feel to riding the line plus unrealistic air time with ridiculous special tricks. So here's my idea, those that would like to see a true representation of surfing in video game form lets petition these 2 companies (Destineer and Bongfish) to consider one to be their next project. If their game Stoked for snowboarding is what they say it is IMAGINE what they could do with the world of surfing If they see there is enough interest generated in doing this, but it won't have any chance of happening if people don't contact them to suggest it. Yea I know nothing can ever replace the real thing, but could ease flat spellitis when that occurs. The surfing genre has yet to be nailed accurately maybe these 2 are ones to do it right, maybe with an online component