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Thread: Gustavo = Epic?

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    Surfers over the years have obtained such a negative mindset on surfing waves and have created such a dominant perspective on the sport. You guys should be freaking ashamed of yourselves for making the surf community the way it has become. Just go out there, get wet, and enjoy sharing all of the waves God gives us. When people become cocky and arrogant is when the passion of surfing gets diluted altogether.

    Peace and see you in the lineup


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    yeah to far to drive for me. expendables and rebelution in october!

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    layback419 Guest

    west coasters unite!

    hey since we live over here we should take advantage of all the resources we have (BOATS) i dont know about you guys that like the crowds, but i know of a place or two no east coasters will be (upper captiva) has any of you seen what potential charlie pass has? well you should. thats where ill be, anyone that can get there is welcome to join.

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    Now you've gone and done it! Given up the secret spot!

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    looks like the right side will be bigger on monday anyway ...

    actually if you pay taxes anywhere in FL. you support all the beaches as mean high tide is state property so you should feel "free" to surf anywhere ...

    a lot of coastline here to get crappy with anyone ...

    any "local" should know how to manage or escape the crowds in their area, if you don't you need to try more of your area breaks

    have a good weekend everyone i will most likely be on both coasts, and not really bothering anyone ;-)

    of course posting your local holiday BBQ information would be a nice thing to do for your visitors this weekend ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fltraveler View Post
    yes everyone go to amazons/the pass from the east coast, dont head anywhere south it wont be good especially in the sarasota area. st pete is a good choice too or bradenton.
    Sarasota will be going off more than st. pete. Most the time we have better surf on any swell here than st.pete. You just have to hit the right spots because there are a lot of spots in sarasota u just have to hit the right one depending on the swell. Venice jetties are goin to rock also, but there will be like 100+ people there haha.

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    thanks bro, i knew it was gonna be good in the venice area and sarasota, i was just trying to maintian some crowd control, but now you ruined it... everyone go to south jetty

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    No one go and surf the piers in Bradenton and stay away from here as well
    go visit venice south jetty.

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    looks like y'all east coasters won't need to travel after all...

    hannah's on her way.

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    I also forgot to say Repsect each other and have fun.If you are in a position to let someone else have a wave ,do so.If everyone would respect each other and trade off on waves and be nice and not selfish,surfing will be more fun no matter where your surfing.