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    Waterproof camera housings

    Whats up everyone,
    Iam looking to purchase a entry level digi cam and I've seen some diffrent types of waterproof enclosures for them everything from a waterproof baggie looking thingy to an clear acrylic housings and even those Go camrea. If any one out there can point me in the right direction I'll appreciate it thanks. I'am basically a retard when it come to photography so nothing too complicated please!

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    Talking Great underwater housing / camera combo

    Hey whats up... I bought a canon powershot SD750 for around $170. Its 7.1 mega pixels and takes awesome pics. The coolest thing is it doesn't have that ****ty delay when your trying to take an action shot. Soon as you press it... it takes the pic. Anyway, if you go to (or any other search site) it will show you all the local and online stores and their prices. Then I bought the underwater housing . I bought the one made by canon specifically for the SD750. Its the hard plastic case. (the lense part is actually glass) The model number is WP-DC14. I've used it a buch of times taking pics in the water and it was awesome. The other cool thing is taking video . It will record video with sound even with the housing on and underwater. The only thing is the case cost as much as the camera. In my opinion it was well worth it. Can't go wrong with that combo... good luck!!!!!! _ Jeff

    OH and i also wanted to mention that i scuba dive and use this camera... it's waterproof to 130 feet but i havent gone there... usually 25-75 feet and it works great...
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    My recommendations is the Olympus line. I used them when scuba diving and they are awesome. As with all cameras the higher quality you want the more money you will spend. Be sure with your housing to carefully clean and test it before using it in the ocean. Otherwise you will have an expensive paperweight. Some of the Olympus cameras are waterproof to start, just in case the housing fails the camera doesn't get ruined.