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    Can you surf a board like this ^^ in OCMD during the summer on any regular intown beach?

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    yeah my son has a 4.5' surface retro fish that looks a lot like that. I tried to take it out one day and they made me take off the fins. I was able to stand on it and I am kinda big 6'1" 205lbs. The thing was hard to control without the fins and I did sorta get used to using an edge to hold it. Someone used to a boogie would have better luck then me but it was fun and you had the feeling like you were stealing waves. Not sure what danger fins are on a surfboard to swimmers, seams like the board itself is the danger and rubber fins would do nothing to anyone.

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    Too long ... knowledge is power.

    OC Town Code Sec. 106-92. Definitions.

    Boogie board. A flexible, semi-soft, buoyant, semi-curved object, no longer than 3 1/2 feet and no wider than two feet and no thicker than four inches, made of a closed-cell polyethylene foam and possibly but not always having a smooth plastic layer attached to the bottom and without rigid or semi-rigid attachments or protrusions for aid in steering or movements which serve as a rudder and commonly referred to as "skegs."

    Skimboard. A plastic board or other object used to glide, slide, or skim across the water with a person standing thereon.

    Surf mats. Any object that is fully inflatable and depends for its buoyancy on said inflation and is not of a rigid or semirigid construction.

    Surfboard. Any object of rigid or semirigid construction, noninflatable, including, but not necessarily limited to, surfboards, bellyboards, paddleboards, etc., constructed or partially constructed of wood, plastic, fiberglass, styrofoam or similar foam substances, or any other similar substances, or combination thereof, but not including surf mats and boogie boards.